• Classroom Management

  • 23 Classroom Management Interventions

    These easy-to-use classroom management techniques allow teachers to maintain classroom control while they effectively handle even the most troublesome classroom behaviors. Give the student the “evil eye.” Walk toward the student. Stand close to the student. Eye contact and a

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  • Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

    Author Richard Carlson gave us some wise words to live by, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” While this is great advice in life, it is excellent advice for substitute teachers! Not sweating the small stuff doesn’t mean sticking our heads

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  • Getting Students to Complete their Work

      Can we really make students do their work? No, say teachers in Glasser quality schools. They believe that encouragement and support are the approaches to use to help students want to complete their work. I teach at a Glasser

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  • Career

  • Do Subs Measure Up?

    Professional educators strive to meet the criteria for excellence in their field. There are obvious differences between substitute and permanent teachers regarding experience, training, and on-going support. When I reviewed the San Diego County of Education criteria for “Highly Qualified,

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  • San Diego County Substitute Requirements

    The minimum requirements for substitute teaching assignments in California are a Bachelor’s Degree and passage of the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST), an approved out-of-state Basic Skills Requirement exam, or the CSET: Multiple Subject Plus the Writing Examination (CTC

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  • Not Just Another Warm Body – Changing Images of the Substitute Teacher

    (This rather scholarly article was written in 1997. I include it because it is the best I have found discussing the delemma of substitute teaching on multiple fronts) Ask members of the K-12 school community how they regard substitute teachers and,

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  • Teaching Strategies

  • Using the Newspaper to Teach

    The newspaper is a great source for fill-in activities. There will be times you are in a classroom when the teacher was unable to leave a lesson plan. By having a few newspapers with you, you will be able to

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  • Emotional Support

  • Consciously Relax

      Avoid burn-out: Follow your passion. I spend time with dogs and horses. Substittes need to relax! Cultivate an interest, lose yourself in it and take it with you. What does that mean? I love dogs….all kinds of dogs. In

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  • 15 Stress-Busting Tips for Teachers

      Break down whatever you have to do into smaller tasks. If you have to tackle a beast, carve it into nibble-sized hors d’oeuvres. Think of things that make teaching fun for you – and do them! Deal openly with

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